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Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional Kitchen Cabinetry

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Kitchen Cabinetry Showroom in Chicago

timeless design with luxury quality

At MOXIE Kitchen & Bath Showroom we’ve curated only the best cabinetry from Fabuwood and DURA Supreme to offer a variety of styles and price points that best suits any budget and space. With high-end materials and timeless designs, your dream kitchen is only steps away.

Our designers will guide you through our selection of door styles, materials, and finishes to help you create the perfect kitchen that suits your home be it a mid-century mansion in the North Shore suburb or a modern condo in downtown Chicago.

Cabinetry crafted for your Kitchen

Transitional Kitchen Cabinetry

It’s all about balance.

Maintaining equilibrium between contemporary and traditional aesthetics is a popular desire for many homeowners.

Transitional cabinetry favors Industrial, PuritanFarmhouse, and Continental styles with minimalistic accessories and a neutral color palette.

samples of our transitional cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinetry

Bold and clean.

The contemporary design is an approach that focuses on clean lines, smooth surfaces, and sophisticated minimalism. The fundamental concept behind this style is its use of simple shapes such as flat cabinet doors without any ornate details while adding textures through modern painted finishes and materials.

Popular Contemporary cabinet styles include Modern Mid Century, Urban, Scandinavian, Asian, Loft, and Minimalist.

samples of our contemporary / modern cabinets

Traditional Kitchen Cabinetry

Designed to be a classic.

The elegant traditional style is inspired by classic historical architecture. This design category celebrates natural materials and light colors while also embracing intricately detailed elegant elements in cabinetry. Raised panel doors are the most common in traditional cabinets along with decorative elements like crown moldings and ornaments.

Cabinetry that leans toward Traditional style includes Colonial, Tuscan, Vintage, Cottage, Victorian, Craftsman, and Old World.

samples of our traditional / classic cabinets

Where to begin with new kitchen cabinetry

1. Consult with Designer

Do you find yourself dreaming of updating your kitchen but don’t know where to start? Our team of architects and designers is here to collaborate with you and make your space suit your needs. No matter how big or small the project is, MOXIE can help you create a timeless design that you will be in love with for the years to come

Share your inspirations with us – what are some things about layout or cabinetry designs that excite you? What colors do you want to incorporate into your space? Our designers have years of experience designing kitchens from scratch — they’ll have all kinds of ideas for making it uniquely yours.

2. Select the Finish

At MOXIE Kitchen & Bath we believe that a design should be cohesive and harmonious. In a world of technology and online shopping, we know the importance of seeing and touching a product in person.

We also understand the need for taking finished samples to your home and seeing it in your space in different lighting conditions, that is why we have the Samples for Rent program.

We specialize in luxurious and versatile designs. Whether you need cabinets or shelving for a farmhouse kitchen or a contemporary design; MOXIE can provide a variety of different finishes, materials, and styles to create an aesthetic and functional design.

3. Plan the Storage and Layout

Cabinetry is more than just an attractive shell for your kitchen. At MOXIE Kitchen & Bath we work with you to ensure that the cabinets are designed specifically around what you need them for, whether it be space or storage solutions.

Planning your new kitchen storage starts with the support of professional designers to make the most out of your space by using modern storage solutions like corners, deep drawers, divider trays, pull-outs, and shelves.

4. Get Help with Installation

We partner with 123 Remodeling, one of the best general contractors in Chicago, for all your cabinet installation and kitchen remodeling needs.

During a remodel, it’s easy to feel like you’re left in the lurch.  For the duration of your home remodel, you’re living in a construction zone.

Your MOXIE designers are here to help you manage this transitional period by packing up your kitchen equipment and setting up a temporary kitchen.

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